Reiki is a Japanese technique for healing of mind and body. It is a spiritual delivery using hands on, sometimes by touching, other times slightly away from the body. “life force energy” flows from the Divine  through those who are administering Reiki to the recipient. If the recipient is unwell, or stressful Reiki is able to bring back happiness and health can be restored. 

 There are a number of interpretations to the Japanese word Reiki. However, my interpretation is much different to others. Reiki is made up of two words Rei means Bow or surrender. Ki means divine energy. My interpretation is Surrender the Individual ego and allow the Divine to flow through. 

The feeling when Reiki is applied is that the person being healed feels a sensation of love and warmth. Reiki treats the whole person. The emotions change, the mind settles and the membranes of fear and uncertainty dissolves. The healing to many are miraculous as you will read in my story. 

There is a nothing more simpler, natural, safe than Reiki. Once applied even unknown sicknesses are healed. The  auric field is strengthened and recovery in most instances happen. 

Reiki can be mastered by anyone, however “ Attunement” has to be done before anyone can apply Reiki for healing.  The life force is unlimited. Classes are offered by SMA for those wanting to learn to deliver Reiki. Reiki is not a religion but spiritual in nature. Reiki comes from the Divine source. However , if we become more attuned to our spiritual nature Reiki is better performed. We have to be living in harmony with all including nature

When I started Sanctuary 108 my sole or soul intention was to help people manage their depression. Being a Reiki master I knew would help many greatly. But I did not realise the enormity of the task. We closed it officially but I do the work privately. Here is a story for you. A lady called me and said she heard of our organisation and could she bring her brother in for help. I said yes what day would suite her. She then said she was outside our front door. So I said please come in and Stuart who was the owner of the building let her and her brother in. We rented part of his building. Stuart told me afterward that this man followed this lady in whom he learnt was his sister. She shook Stuart’s hand but he did not and he was white as a ghost. He walked in haunched. They came upstairs . Inviting them in gave them water and they sat down. The sister who was doing all the talking told me that he was suffering from depression and nothing was helping. He was on medication. He was sitting haunched at the table. So I told them I am a Reiki master and the sister asked me what was that. So I said it was energy healing and it came from the Divine and not me as I am the instrument to do this work. They said it was okay to do this work. I first started by doing meditation and helped him get his mind in control. Then I got up, stood behind him and applied Reiki. In a few minutes he started to sit up straight. His sister screamed and said, look at him, look at him, his colour has come back. She was crying hysterically.  This man was now different. In half an hour we had a different person. A man completely healed. They both got up thanked me, asked me how much . I said it’s free, no charge and they left. On his way out he greeted Stuart and told him to have a nice day. Stuart said after they left what have you done. You created a miracle. I said it’s all Divine. Like that we have helped many. 

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