SMA Mentoring Meditation

What is SMA (Smart Mental Activity)

A unique and pure way of understanding and developing through Spirit and Mind. It is evolving your consciousness at your own pace. But do you want to take the long road or shorter path?
It’s your choice.
Evolve to a higher state of consciousness with SMA, raising your awareness of mind and spirit. SMA is about making people aware that the highest spirit consciousness is in them, but we need to know how this is revealed. SMA is a series of techniques that guides the participants to understand how to develop wisdom by learning uncommon knowledge. Knowledge hidden so deep that only through self-effort and sacrifice this wisdom is revealed. It resides in us all. The steps are easy and as it opens up like from a bud into a flower the fragrance of is essence goes to all who surrounds it. What is common with all of us yet uncommon to all one would ask?

We are spiritual beings on a human journey. That spirit is unconditional love. We through our minds make our love conditional. When you love someone in a relationship such as family, lover, friend it is conditional. Unconditional love is having this deep and profound love for all. Once we truly and deeply get this then communication with others becomes easier because you know your topic. This topic is the commonality of all and everything is spirit and that spirit is love.