Mantra Healing

An essential part of SMA. This is for mental and spiritual lifting.  By participating in these mental and spiritual discipline all areas of ones life improves drastically . It improves human skills of ordinary and deep awareness, enforces better results in the becoming stages, lift energies, improve frequency vibrations and changes makes people become more loving and caring towards others. Chants are done in many belief systems and besides lifting ones own vibration it can express devotion to Divinity, gratitude to the universe , peace amongst human and compassion towards nature and bring everlasting joy to life itself. Here are chants that can help improve your life.


I do special Mantras to raise the frequencies. These are not ordinary words. These are done with intensity as these mantras are high verbosity. These increase vibrations and lift the energy of you and the vibration around you. This acts as a protective membrane. Then comes the transformation of the mental level of the aspirants. Immediately the the self awareness shifts to a creative awareness and by engaging with a force greater than yourself healing begins. Mantras are sounds in Sanskrit and these sounds connect with the invisible universe in a radius of 26 dimensional planes. 

The universe began with sound. The first word was a vibration  sound created by Divine Awareness. The word is AUM Everything in creation has sound in its makeup known as vibration. The vibrations are low in some forms of life and others it is high intensity. These sounds resonate within each part of life. This life is found in rock, plants, insects, animals, humans , cosmic and Divine. Vibration is found in joy, happiness and love. It is also found in peace and has a tranquil nature. 

Being happy makes you vibrant, being peaceful makes you live in harmony with yourself. So we must sing the song of the universe to bring joy to ourselves.  We must be in tune with the cosmic symphony. So there are bajans i sing to harmonise the energy to bring us all into the circle of love. So when someone has an illness there is a breakdown in the vibrational frequency. So the physical body, the emotional sheath, mental or even causal body suffers. To restore balance correct sounds as in Mantras or bajans are heard and proper balance comes about so that you are whole again.        

Sounds come in all forms. Even nature and creatures make sounds. Listen to the voice of nature sometimes. Listen to the birds sing, winds blow, waves are breaking. We create our own sounds when we happy, we laugh, we clap. This is natural ways of bringing happiness to lift energies. Sanathana Dharma of India states happiness is within and sometimes need the outside like the African drums, the American Indians dance chants, the Aboriginal dance of feet stomping, the Japanese Gong etc is to make sounds to lift vibrations. The mantras of India are special sounds are formulas in spiritual calculations to give means of lifting you out of negative energies into light of joy and love. 

Mantras are either sound related for internal or eternal feeling by word.  The vibrations affect all our environments we are in.  We can say words softly, silently or even  loudly. The desired effect is for the reason intended. Healing, transformation, inner awakening or awareness connected or feeling of becoming one with everything.. It is something that takes a lifetime to master or quickly if there is intensity in practice. 

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Mantra Healing
Mantra Healing
Mantra Healing

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Through the actions of love and joy I will engage with the power that created us all and connect this most powerful energy to be with you. Everything heals in the presence of the Divine. I will be there in the synergy to connect.