SMA Program consists of three levels that are made up of several lessons. You are required to complete each lesson and level before you can proceed to the next. The initial session of 30 mins is free of charge, to get a taste of SMA & it’s benefits


Requires a journey for practice and record. Through leadership courses you will learn the basic essentials much like an apprentice to become a trades person. You have to learn HOW, Know WHY and Do by delivery. You can complete all lessons at your own pace.

SMA Mentoring Leader


The art of teaching for Spirit Mind Awareness requires a special type of person who is motivated to bring change to humanity. Those who qualify to do this course require to finish the leadership program and will be certified to teach after each level.

SMA Mentoring Teacher


Information on this level is provided upon completion of teachers level 6

SMA Mentoring Master

Upon completion of teachers program, details on expert program will be provided


9 x 1:1 Sessions
Once off payment of $999
if paying upfront


$250 / level
1:1 Session
Pay per level or session
SMA Mentoring Program

Payment Plans

If you find the program is not suitable for you after 14 days you
can have your money back!

NOTE: if levels or lessons are not passed, only the assessment is repeated until participants pass. There are no fees for assessments

SMA Meditation

The course is designed to create designers of a better world through the Art of SMA meditation.

Classes are created in teaching people to become

  •  Meditation therapists in 3 lessons,
  •  Meditation guides in 5 lessons and meditation
  • Teachers in 7 lessons.

Would you like an on-line career in meditation? Practice and become a meditation helper. 

3 one-hour easy certified lessons

 Learn today work tomorrow.

Everyone is looking for help these days and meditation is ideal to calm people down and start thinking in clear ways to escape the mess the world is in. You can do group or individual meditation. It’s so easy to learn and deliver.

A certificate to confirm your qualifications is issued after completion. However, you must teach the method I share and not something you thought of. If you want to start a new career or add this to your life skill, send an email.

How many people you know would like to meditate for 9 minutes a 3 times day.

Then start there. Remember a career in meditation.

Do a 3-hour session by the end of it you qualified in SMA meditation helper. Become a meditation therapist, guide teacher. 3 lessons to become a therapist, 5 lessons to be a meditation guide,

7 lessons a teacher

The first lessons are based on how to use techniques for meditation therapy.  Here the meditation therapist will be taught methods to share ways, ideas, give directions and activities to build the skills a meditation practitioner needs. People will learn ways to evolve their state to a better level of calm. Meditation Therapy builds kinder, relaxing thoughts and it is a helpful method which encourages healthy behaviours. Meditation therapy is to help people feel encouraged to develop better growth in their wellbeing and have a feel better as they learn.

The 2nd level of becoming a Meditation Guide

One-hour lessons over 3 sessions can be consecutive or all at once. you can all become a person that renders service to your community. In 3 one-hour lessons qualify, then put into practice and earn a living, and make changes to people’s lives to guide others to become better souls. lift their state of consciousness. Then you can advance yourself to be a guide and medium level guide in 5 lessons using guided meditation. These will show you how to guide others to a state of complete calm.

To find answers within themselves. Finally in this segment become a teacher in 7 lessons using chants under the 5 states of
Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Goodness), Shanthi ( Peace), Prema ( Love) , Ahinsa (Non-Violence) – meditations
warm regards